Real-Time Email Verification API

Experience an API that will verify emails in real-time. It works with your app, software, website, registration process, e-commerce cart or anything else you have that collects email addresses for account creation or communication. How A Email Verification API Works

We power some of the largest brands on the Internet and some of the smallest list brokers around the world. What this means is that we can accommodate your business size too.

What are some typical uses of this API service?

  • Lead generation companies, blogs, websites, and forums.
  • E-commerce cart systems, data collectors, and call centers.
  • Software or mobile app developers, and social media services.
  • The applications are endless and only stops with your imagination.

Why would I want to use a email verification API?

  • Reduce fake email signups or automated Spam bot registrations.
  • Eliminate deactivated customer email addresses from your database lists.
  • Stop incorrect or accidental data like typos and misspellings during data entry.

Is the service affordable, fast, and fantastic?

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes. Our simple and straightforward pricing levels keep your costs down while giving you the highest return on investment by saving technical resources, budget, customer service times, and other business critical operations. The API has full HTTPS support if you need it.

Request A TrialReady for the real meat and potatoes and want to see what can drive real-time email verification for your specific application you have in mind?

Follow us below as we cover how your API string will look and sample coding to adapt and integrate quickly per your needs.

Email Validation API Server Locations

Technical Details For Our REST API

The API calls are made using the method GET and to the following URL:

We offer the following parameters:


API Email Status Responses

You will receive back the following values in the response when an email address is sent to our API for verification, all in real-time with seamless response.

API Response Codes

Example API Call Scenario

Example response for email address ‘’

The URL passed to the API is:

The response would be:


*The ACL method (Access Control List) instead of a license key can be used for client side requirements.

Enabling The “Correct” Parameter

Shown above, we also support the “correct” parameter which removes common invalid characters like spaces, slashes and brackets from the email address entry.

Here is what that API call would look like if the user entered wrong99]]

We automatically remove that invalid character of ] for you and return the correctly intended email address on for validation.

Here are what the completed results would look like:



Do you like what you see? Request a free trial to test it with your Application today. HTTPS is also available by request.

View the entire email validation API guide that covers more about the service.

Additional Status Information

When the email address being verified is returned with a status of ‘Bad’ or ‘Unknown’ we return a detailed reason as part of the response in the ‘additionalStatus’ value. Click here to see a full list of additional status values and descriptions.

Free Code Examples

Please refer to some of the free code examples here to get you started. More examples can be provided by request using server examples of PHP, C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, and PERL. Client side examples include jQuery ACL, jQuery license key, AngularJS, and cURL.

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